Tandem Portal Solution

Tandem e-Portal

The system uses Ajax technology and Web 2.0 trends in full, providing high acceleration, greatly increasing
functional capabilities, and having fine-tuning potential for use in any company and organization.
It is capable to support various business size from small to large.

A flexible and customizable online portal system

Incorporates with CRM, e-Commerce and content management system features. Tandem e-Portal provides an online communication channel between the company to employees, customers and partners.

A web-based e-commerce solution that provides business enterprises

The ability to showcase and sell their products and services globally over the Internet. It is designed to facilitate businesses in achieving their business objectives and empower them to run ahead of competition.

Built and designed to the exact way based on your business needs

Rapid deployment, customization flexibility and seamless integration to your legacy system. Our system can be implemented in incremental phases and has the design flexibility to cope with any future requirements.

System Security Module

Centralized Administrator Management

Tandem e-Portal provides the system administration a one point centralized administration console to manage and configure the system from top to bottom. The configuration set will be effective immediately in the system without waiting.

User Directory

The built-in user directory feature allows the system to store all the needed user profile information internally. It has the facility to import or read from the external user directory application such as LDAP.

Organization Chart

Tandem e-Portal is able to support for complex application flow with the organization chart implemented. Level between users level could be defined accurately in the system based on the functional assigned.


Tandem e-Portal is a workflow enabled portal implemented with Business Process Management (BPM) framework to support for automation of business procedures. Workflow module offers our customer a better and automated process control over the daily business operation task. Automation of many business processes results in the elimination of many unnecessary steps. Most of the business processes could be automated and implemented with the customizable workflow in Tandem e-Portal.

Content Management


System announcement could be dynamically updated via the user friendly content management in Tandem e-Portal. Content can be edited from the HTML editor provided or a raw HTML context for those who is mastering in HTML.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge base module is developed to support and enhance the organization processes of knowledge creation, storage/retrieval, transfer and application. This module streamlines the entire documentation to share information with employees, customers and partners. Each document created will be tagged to ease the searching process. Searching of documents can be done very quickly based on the keywords.

Discussion Forum

Web based message board for discussion. Content access privilege could be configured based on the user profile in the portal system.

Product Management

Multi Level Product Category

Product management could never be easier with the product category featured in Tandem e-Portal. Product category developed is not only able to support product grouping, it also allows multi level nested product category. This module is targeted to support for any form of product selling by portal administrator.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Being the core module of the portal, the CRM module helps you to understand and learn more about customer's needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them. This module delivers a list of sub modules that help you to enhance marketing effectiveness, drive sales performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Account Management

Manage and keep track of all the latest updated information of your customers and potential customers. Customer and prospect information can be retrieved easily for the purpose of marketing, sales and services. Providing a 360 degrees view on the customers to ensure a better understanding on their needs.

Lead Management

Lead management enables the company or organization to manage, and keep track on the sales leads. Providing a snap shot of the sales cycle from first contact to final sale, allowing your sales teams to effectively analyze and manage the sales pipeline.

Task Management

A platform to manage task and activities of the sales team. Each task assigned is traced and shared within team to provide better sales approaches. Task could be assigned with the time duration to act as a reminder to the sales person on the task delivery. Well managed task could easily lead to the better sales closure.

Sales & Marketing

A useful feature to manage and track every element in the sales campaign. This acts as marketing planner and sales planner to help sales team to keep track each marketing program. Each activity in the marketing program could be drilled down to lowest specific element component such as communications, opportunities, responses, budget, actual cost and list of prospects. It helps you to maximize the result of each marketing program.

Case Management

Function as a platform for sales and support team to provide better customer services. Customer service records are kept and cases can be traced to support the customers within a timely and effective manner.

Online Store / E-Commerce

Online Catalog

A user friendly platform to sell products and services online. The module functions as a product and service showcase to your customer with both summarized and detailed information on the item which includes pictures. The catalog is integrated with the internet payment gateway for the online purchase process. Most of the payment methods such as Paypal, credit cards, and online banking are supported.

SEO Implementation

A special module that is transparent to the portal user. This module handles all the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by implementing technology such as keywords and friendly URL to your portal. It ist playing a role to promote the search result in the well-known search engine and drive more targeted traffic to your portal.


Report Dashboard

Get to know about the latest information about your company or organization through the visually stunning graphic presented by Tandem e-Portal. Tandem e-Portal dashboard integrates all critical business data across modules to allow you to spend your time on analyzing the business data. This module helps you to accelerate and improve most of your business decisions.

Business Intelligent Enablement

Tandem e-Portal is developed to support business intelligence such as DB2 Alphablox, Cognos, SAS reportings. We will help you to deliver information based on your requirement, or we can even help you to analyze and consult the reporting needs in your business.

Customized Module Based System

Tandem e-Portal is built with the flexibility to allow customization. Module based customization can be done on the existing framework to cater for all kind of business needs.

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