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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development
(iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Java/J2ME, Windows Mobile, HTML5 etc.)

  • Mobile Strategic Consulting
  • Mobility Roadmap
  • Process Automation
  • Application re-engineering and support services.
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Usage overview
  • Understanding customer behaviour
  • Web-Mobile migration
  • Adaptive HTML5 integration
  • Mobile framework implementation
  • UI Development / Consulting
  • Graphic Design
  • Navigation Analysis


As mobile adoption grows, the demands for mobile business are getter higher. As your enterprise mobile solution provider, we help to enable new experience of access to your business operation with enterprise mobility. Interact with your customers, employees in fingertips touch.

1. Mobile Strategic Consulting

Tandemís experienced team of professionals helps to assess your mobile capabilities, analyze and build up an actionable strategy to create roadmap for success.

  • Identify and prioritize what the organization should do
  • Help conceptualize ideas and transform into workable solution
  • Build a clear value proposition to achieve organizationís goals

2. Web to Mobile Migration

With over a decade of experience in both web and mobile areas of development, we have the expertise to translate your traditional web application into attractive and addictive mobile apps.

3. Adaptive HTML5 Integration

As the mobile usage has increasingly grown, itís become extremely important to deliver solid web experiences to consumers even on the devices with various screens. In order to create a site that is truly designed for both web and mobile context, we use web design with combination of HTML5, CSS3, fluid layouts and custom scripting to effectively display content at any screen resolution.

4. Mobile Framework Implementation

Selecting a mobile platform will a significant impact not only on the development, it also affect the user experience and delivery cost. With adoption of native development, HTML5 framework like Phonegap (Cordova) and IBM Worklight, Tandem has the knowledge and experience to figure out the right approach for you.

5. UI Development / Consulting

Tandem prides ourselves in our commitment to deliver a excellent mobile solution across all industries. We take user experience and behavior into design consideration and it doesnít end until we are all satisfied with the master concept. We architect the application theme, graphic design, flow, navigation, user-friendliness Ė all variances on the same concept. Merging all these into development, a fine-designed mobile apps is ready for marketing.

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