Tandem Portal Solution

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligent Consultation

We are specializing in Data Warehousing tools such as IBM OLAP, IBM Data Warehouse, IBM Cube View and IBM InfoSphere DataStage. We help you to build the analysis report for your business based on your requirement. 

Amongst the Business Intelligent tools that we are specializing in are DB2 Alphablox, Cognos and SAS. Please contact us if you need any assistance in these areas.

Tandem Portal Solution

Software Architecture Consultation

Tandem has vast experience in software development using qualified consultants, to help accelerate implementation at any phase of project development. In addition to software development, we are offering consultation services to any parties. We have implemented many projects with our clients and we are confident to offer you our skills and experiences.

Tandem Portal Solution

Network Infra-Structure Consultation

Have difficulty to maintain the network infra-structure? We are able to provide network infra-structure solution based on our experience. Please contact us for further information.

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