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Mobile Payment Framework

Tandem Product - Mobile Payment Framework

We expert ourselves in creating mobile payment frameworks, to promote cashless society and quick transactions for your business. Payment applications can be integrated into your systems and be supported across major mobile devices: iOS and Android.

Mobile payment applications help your banking, accounting and business needs, promote your business innovations, attract customers and increase business revenues. They are fast for transaction, simple to use, and totally Next Generation technology.

For more information, contact us at sales@tandemasia.com

Payroll Solutions

Tandem Product - Payroll Solutions

Payroll Digital delivers business solutions for Corporates and SMEs in areas of Payroll System, Secondment, and Human Resources Consulting Services.

The main objective is to enhance Payroll and HR Consulting Services, powering organisations to realise higher efficiencies and reduce costs by placing resources into core competencies. Payroll Digital allows organisations to outsource their business needs, while focusing on improving service delivery and efficiency.

Outsourcing non-core functions of a company is a key target to reduce capital and operational expenditure in the current economic environment.

Learn more and get quotation for payroll outsourcing at www.payrolldigital.com

Square Intelligence

Square Intelligence
Comprehensive Data Integration and Business Analytics Offering

Square Intelligence simplifies data and transforms it into visual reports for your employees and customers. Square Intelligence allows data visualization from other products like Tableau or QlikView, integrates reporting and analytics, while providing an easy-to-navigate interface.

Square Intelligence provides a coherent platform to combine outcomes from Traditional Business Intelligence, Self Service Business Intelligence and combining the data science services to promote the use of advanced analytics to wider audiences.

Take a look at SQ-IN video promo and check out their website:

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